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Care of your Frangipani Plant

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

I often get ask how to care for a frangipani's once they have been sold.

Just follow my simple points.

• Frangipani plants require full sun to grow and flower well.

• Fertilise twice a year - at the beginning of spring and during summer. Use a slow release fertiliser which is high in phosphate (for strong root growth) and potassium - which will in turn promote the most blooms.

“Frangipani Plants need well drained soil, they don’t like to be over watered”

• Water well during the warmer months (leave it to nature in the cooler months)

• If you need to transplant your Frangipani plants, do it in Spring or Summer.

• Prune Frangipani in Spring and Summer.

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