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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my cutting be posted?
Cuttings are usually posted by express post on Monday or Tuesday of every week


How much is postage?
1-3 cuttings is $20, 4-8 cuttings is $25, over 8 cuttings $30


How are cuttings posted?
We only mail by express post to ensure cuttings are not in the mail too long

How long for calloused cuttings to be sent?
We send calloused cuttings approximately two to three weeks after order unless we have some available ready to go


Can I pick up from the farm?
Yes, you can pick up at the farm.  If picking up we can usually provide a larger cutting size than we can send in the mail (depending on availability).  Please wait for notification that your delivery is ready to be collected

What time of year is the best to buy cuttings?
For sub-tropical and tropical areas you can grow cuttings all year round.  We advise in the southern states to purchase only calloused cuttings during winter  

How do I plant my cutting when I receive it?
Ideally you want to plant your cutting in the ground or you can strike the cutting in a pot.  Hammer a stake into the ground where you want to plant the cutting.  Dig a hole about 3-5cms deep and plant your cutting.  Tie the cutting off against the stake to secure it in place.  Avoid watering until the cutting develops roots - you can test this by gently tugging the cutting and looking for resistance, or in the growing season waiting for the emergence of leaves which is a good indicator that roots are developing.  Once the cutting starts to develop roots fertilise with some liquid seaweed fertiliser.  Watch our video on how to plant a cutting on our blog page


How do I get the best flowering?
To get the best flowering on your frangipani ensure that the tree gets plenty of sun - at least 6 hours a day.  You can also use a fertiliser to promote flower growth which is high in phosphorous and a good amount of potassium - fertilisers designed for fruit or flowering trees are ideal.  Also regularly watering with a good quality liquid seaweed fertiliser will encourage good growth


What can affect the colour and flowering of the frangipani?
The intensity of the colour and the quality of the flowering on your frangipani can be affected by the weather, amount of sunlight, planting conditions, quality of soil and location of the tree (for example, if it is shaded part of the day or if it gets radiating heat from a wall or pavement)


Highly scented recommendations?
Whilst all our frangipani flowers are scented they are all unique and the scent can be subtle or strong (Plumeria pudica is the only variety that has no scent).  Scent is also a personal thing and people can smell flowers differently.  Scent will be strongest early morning and late afternoon.  Some examples or our stronger scented varieties include:  Vera Cruz Rose, San Germain, Snow White, Heidi's Gold, J115, Pink Palace, Plumeria Obtusa, Vishnu Gold, Aztec Gold, Bangkok Fire, Common White Celadine, Elsie and Gina 

Where do you ship?
We ship to all mainland states and territories of Australia except Western Australia.  We do not ship internationally

What can I do about rust?
Rust is a fungus that appears on the underside of the frangipani leaves in late Summer, usually after rain and high temperatures and humidity.  Rust will not kill your frangipani but can lead to early defoliation of the tree.  If rust appears remove the leaves from the tree and dispose of them away from the trees, ideally in the bin.  There is no known cure or prevention but cleaning the leaves up around the bottom of the tree will help to reduce the severity of the rust.  To prevent rust on frangipanis you need to spray prior to the rust appearing.  An ornamental systemic fungicide is the best option for tackling the rust problem by either spraying the foilage or making a slurry and watering it in through the roots.  See our blog post about rust for more details


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